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Fucking ME!

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Horrendous Sunday.

Karma is a biatch and bit us back in the ass.

Oh well. Why the Constructors' Championship never makes you as happy as the Drivers'??

Ferrari is the best car anyway.

Felipe gave it all.

(head-desk- sobbing).




It's heartbreaking to see Felipe lose out just like that. But to be fair, it was a fantastic sunday. The race throughout was filled with drama and unexpected twists and turns. Too bad, it didn't go the way we expected. i thought Massa had achieved the impossible when Vettel overtook Hamilton. But the last corner killed it all. i'm still upset over Massa's lost to be honest. To me, he is the better driver and a more worthy champion. But that's just the way it is.

i can't wait for 2009 though! With Alonso back on form, and the way the Toro Rosso has been performing, it's gonna be hard for Ferrari and Mclaren to stay on top now.
Oh yesss! Next year is going to be totally exciting, with at least 5 people capable of winning the title (watch Vettel! I have the impression of seeing young Schumi all over again) and the totally new low-emission cars.
Concentrating on the future is good. We were lucky last year, they have been lucky this year.
SOOOO glad they have taken Magny Cours off the map, but I would hate it if Bernie cancels Canada. That is a great GP!!!
yes! i have high hopes for Vettel. He totally outshone Bourdais this season. i wonder how he would perform in the red bull team next year? i find it interesting how Red Bull, being the parent team, has not been performing as well as the Toro Rosso team. hmmmm...

Has it been confirm that Canada is not included? i've checked out the official website and it's not included in the updated 2009 calendar!):
Yes, Vettel is the one to watch. And Toro Rosso terminates its contract for Ferrari engines next year, so in a way for him it was smart to change teams, even if I am not sure he has chosen the team who can really show his potential.

I heard that Bernie was in Brazil talking to the Canadian delegation. The driver seem to want it. Let's hope they don't give us yet another Asian GP!
(Bernie goes where the money is...)

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